About Us

Anji’s Story
Anji started to paint since she was 6 years old and she showed special talent in art. Because of her desire to paint she studied visual arts as a subject to  for both secondary and high school level in her mother county.
Later on she followed an diploma in Visual arts and studied oil painting and sculpture to expand her knowledge about visual arts. 
 She stated her art career when she moved to Australia. She spends majority of her time continuing to develop her unique style And push the limits of art. 
Through my art I capture the beauty of nature, and places around  me. Im inspired by untold stories, precious memories, hidden emotions and vibes. My paintings mostly come from my daily life observations  and are attempts to understand and recognise people and the world. My purpose as an artist is to influence  and encourage people through my art by speaking to their inner heart”
Anji Rathnayake